Threaded Trimatic: When to use and why

This is a general question regarding threaded trimatic. I’d like to know what the main differences between trimatic and threaded_trimatic are (I assume the later is thread safe), and I’d like to know what types of scenarios (lots of IO) I should switch over to threaded_trimatic. Should I just use it all the time or is there a trade-off to using it?

Hi Nathaniel,

We have threaded_trimatic to allow our users to use QT applications with 3-matic. For example, when people started using 3-matic + PyQT UI, they faced problems with keyboard input. When typing text into the PyQT UI, 3-matic reacted to every shortcut key and executed the corresponding operation instead of putting the text into the PyQT UI.
So, we introduced threaded_trimatic to get rid of QT issues and avoid PyQT blocking the main thread of execution (if PyQT is initialized here). Performance wise, there are no advantages using threaded_trimatic. It is advised to use general trimatic when possible.

Hope this helps!

That’s useful insight. Thank you