How to measure angles between two planes in 3D space, xy-, xz-, and yz- planes

I have two planes: plane1 and plane2
I want to measure the angles between plane1 and plane2 in XYZ, XY, XZ, and YZ coordinates.
Is it possible to do it with Python scripting?

I can only find “trimatic.create_angle_measurement_line_to_line()”, but not “_plane_to_plane()”.

Hi Teddy,

Yes, this is possible. While a straight up plane to plane measurement API does not exist, it is possible to create an intersection line between the two planes (trimatic.create_line_plane_intersection), and the angle of that line with respect to the X, Y, and Z axes can then be calculated using a line to line measurement.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Teddy,

The traditional way of measuring the angle between two planes is to measure the angle between the two plane normals.

So in your case,

trimatic.create_angle_measurement_line_to_line(plane1.normal, plane2.normal)


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