Punch holes in objects (3-matic 14)

This is a simple script that allows punching holes in objects interactively. This could for example be used to punch suture holes in cranial plates. The example assumes four holes are needed, but this could easily be adapted to any desired number.
Prerequisite to run the script is that there already are objects available named ‘Basic Plate’ and ‘Cylinder-001’.

Hey Sjoerd,

Very useful code if you want to punch some quick holes :)

One remark: as you are making the planes on the surface of the plate, it might be interesting to include a translation of the cylinder in the normal direction to ensure the plate is completely punched through. This also to make sure the boolean subtraction does not have to work with matching surfaces.


Hi Simon,

That is a very good point indeed. The example currently assumes the cylinder has been created with ‘Extend length’ turned on. Working that way, there is no need to translate it later. I cannot edit my original post to make this more clear, so anyone reading this, please use an extended length cylinder :)