Question on Changing Line Color of Imported Projection on a Sketch in 3-Matics


I am using a plane as a “cut plane” to make a 2D cross-section of a 3D body in 3-Matics. The cross section only shows the perimeter of the 3D body. I would like to change the color of this line to red (it is blue by default). I am using the code below to make the 2D cross section and import the projection onto a sketch:

for i in range(int(n4),int(n5),reverse):
pt2 =(n4,pty,ptz)
plane2 = trimatic.create_plane_1_point_parallel_plane(pt2,ref_plane)
arc=trimatic.create_circle_arc_normal_center_radius(d,origin,5)#5mm radius scale circle
#projection1 =trimatic.import_projection(sketch,intersect2,construction=False)
projection2 =trimatic.import_projection(sketch,intersect,construction=True)

Thanks in advance!

Hi Stephen,

Currently, it is not possible to change the color of a specific projection line on a sketch either via the user interface or via scripting.
You can change your general color settings of the sketch via Options > Preferences > Sketch. These changes will apply to all sketch entities.
Changing the “Fixed” color from blue to red will give you the desired result. Unfortunately, this functionality is not available via scripting.

Hope this answers your question!

That worked great! Thank you very much!