3-matics create surface set


Is it possible to create a surface set in 3-matics?

I can see various functions to work with SurfaceSets:

  • trimatic.fix.surface_sets_to_parts
  • trimatic.types.Part.find_surface_set
  • trimatic.types.Part.find_surface_sets
  • trimatic.types.Part.get_surface_sets
  • trimatic.types.SurfaceSet.find_surface_set
  • trimatic.types.SurfaceSet.find_surface_sets
  • trimatic.types.SurfaceSet.get_surface_sets

but I cant see anything to create a new SurfaceSet.


Hi Peter,

Thank you for reaching out to us.
Before I can help you with your question, could you help me know if by creating a surface set, does this mean that your main goal is to group several surfaces under one set? Or else, do you want to create a surface in an existing or new part?


Kind regards,

Hi Imanina

It was to group several related surfaces into a surface set (in an existing part).

Best wishes, Pete

Hi Pete,

Thank you for your fast response.
For your information, for the time being we don’t have the API to group several surfaces into a surface set.

However, one workaround that I can suggest is to move the surfaces that you want to group to a new part, rename the part as per desired and finally merge the new part with the original part.

API that you can use:

  1. trimatic.move_to_part
  2. trimatic.merge

In the example below, I have moved surface_a and surface_b from part1 into a new part, rename the new part as ‘surface_set1’, merge this part with part1, and rename the resulting part as ‘part1’.



Please let me know if you need further clarification on how to do this operation.
Hope this helps!

Kind regards,