Creating Plots in 3-Matic

I’m using an SSM to produce a large number of measurements and I’d like the script to output a chart of some kind to visually represent the measurement distribution. A histogram like the one in the 3-Matic SSM Properties interface would be great. Is this possible in 3-Matic? If so, how?

If it’s not possible to script a chart like the one described above, is there some way to export the data to Excel or Matlab?

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Hi Ian,

If it’s an official analysis object in 3-matic (like a wall thickness analysis), you can use the “export analysis” function. However, this probably won’t work in this example.

It is possible to export the data to Excel or Matlab. For Excel you can work with packages like “pandas” or “XLSwriter”
An example:

Hope this helps!

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