Hello , I’m creating scripts for drilling and cutting guides. I want to use CUT SLOT from GUIDE DESIGN. But this function is not in trimatic library. Or can I find it in another library ?
Thank you

Hi Karel,

Sounds like an interesting project, and one that may save you quite some time versus doing everything manually. The Cut Slot tool is not part of the 3-matic Python scripting API, therefore you could not find it. If you want to design a cut slot, you can design it using other API operations. For example, by converting the datum plane that represents the intended cut, into a part (analytical to mesh), and then using Extrude or Move Surface to give it a thickness. This will be the cut profile. In similar fashion, you would be able to design the cut slot itself. For the rounding of the edges, you can use the Fillet operation. Finally, a Boolean Union to merge the cut slot with the guide base, and Boolean Subtract to subtract the cut profile from the merged cut slot + guide base to end up with the entire functional element on the guide.

Hope this helps! Kindly let me know in case you need any more information.


Thank you for you answer.
I solved it little bit different. I let the medical engineer create slot wit CUT SLOT DESIGN. And to script I wrote to find part with name “slot” and " profile". And use it to rest of my code. Union, wrap and substraction. So engineer can set up dimensions of slot by himself.
Here are some picture from desing guide. It took 16 seconds to create drilling guide, saw guide, preoperation and posoperation model.
Thank you for your help.

Glad it is working for you with your method! That’s indeed another way to do it.

16 seconds, wow! That is really amazing.

All the best,