Possible to limit the cut tool within a plane?

Maybe not a pure scripting topic, but giving it a try… When I use “Design-Cut” the cut plane will cut through all geometry crossing that plane. Even though it is outside of the cut planes limits. Is there a way to limit the cut? I tried cutting both with a datum plane and a sketch (that was of limited width), with the same results. See below print screen where I marked in red what I do not want the cut tool to include:


This is indeed not scripting specific as it follows the same methodology as if you would do it manually in 3-matic. The reason why it cuts through the entire part is because you’re cutting with a datum plane which is an analytical primitive and anatomical primitives don’t have a limited length. You can solve this by transforming the analytical primitive to a part. This part will have specific dimensions and in turn won’t cut through the entire part.


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Thanks a lot, that helped!