Load data from an excel file and write data to this excel file

I have two problems:

first I have to load datas from an excelfile and I wrote

import trimatic
import os
import numpy as np
from openpyxl import load_workbook

def main():
print(os.path.abspath(“D:\201110 ArbeitUlm\210411 Daten\K11\CycleExtraction_CSV”)
file = load_workbook(“K11_MC_30_3rdCycle.xlsx”)
ws = file[‘Tabelle1’]


p1F_coord = (ws['A2'].value, ws['B2'].value, ws['C2'].value)
p2F_coord = (ws['D2'].value, ws['E2'].value, ws['F2'].value)
p3F_coord = (ws['G2'].value, ws['H2'].value, ws['I2'].value)


p1F = trimatic.create_point(p1F_coord)
p2F = trimatic.create_point(p2F_coord)
p3F = trimatic.create_point(p3F_coord)

new_planeF = trimatic.create_plane_3_points(p1F,p2F,p3F)
new_planeF.name = "EbeneFemurNeu"


and than I need to export created datas (x,y,z) in 3-matics to this excel file: How can I address the points generated? - I can’t show a screenshot at the moment because 3-matics has said goodbye. I hope you know what I mean.


please help me

Dear Ela Ge,

Regarding the export of coordinates in 3-matic to excel, this depend on the object. If you have a point, after assigning the point to a variable, you can get the coordinates via the “coordinates” property and you can split it in the x, y and z value by indicating which element you want to use [0] for x, [1] for y and [2] for z. An example:


These values can be directly written to a specific cell (row & column) in excel.

Your second problem is not directly clear to me, is this regarding the import of the values in excel?

Kind regards,


Thank you, I can try tomorrow, because my SW is not available now.

Yes, I need the 3 values (x, y, z) in the second row from each marker (each 3 for femur, patella and tibia) to create a new plane