Mimics default empirical formular

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in some studies it is mentioned that they used “Mimics default empirical formular” for material assignment to the bone structure. I would like to ask if there is any reference for this empirical expressions?

for example:
Screenshot 2024-01-03 173331
[Ref.] Xin, P., Nie, P., Jiang, B., Deng, S., Hu, G., & Shen, S. G. (2013). Material assignment in finite element modeling: heterogeneous properties of the mandibular bone. Journal of Craniofacial Surgery , 24 (2), 405-410.

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Iman Soodmand

Hi Iman!

In the latest Mimics Innovation Suite (version 26) user manual, you can find the origin of these empirical expressions. I’ve attached two screenshots - one of an example table and the other of the various studies from 1985-2002 used to formulate these expressions.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you very much for the prompt reply.
In the user manual under “Material Assignment” section, and STEP D, it is mentioned: “STEP D: Choose to write out only the E-Modulus material properties in the exported file by deselecting the selection boxes before Density and Poisson Coefficient. We will use the following expression for the EModulus: E-Modulus = -388.8 + 5925 * Density”.
Many studies use this formula as Mimics default empirical formular. I could not find this in the Expressions tables. Is there any reference for this specific formula?


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Iman Soodmand