Automatic reconstruction of the orbital floor and the maxillar sinus

Automated orbital floor and maxillar sinus reconstruction

WARNING: This script was created with an older version of mimics (I think 18.0).

This script automatically fills in holes in the orbital floor as well as in the maxillar sinuses. Two points (or less depending on what you want to do) are needed. The images in the attachment show where these points should be and what the final result is.

The result of the algorithm is a mask called ‘Unite me!’. As the name indicates you should boolean unite that mask with whatever mask you’re working on. If you didn’t work on a mask yet it also makes a mask ‘Bone’, which is just a 226-max thresholded mask, so you can also unite it with that one to quickly check the result.

If you have any questions just let me know. If you found a bug or found an improvement, here’s a link to the open source project:

You can find the script here:

Here you can find an (unpublished) paper explaining the technique.

Thanks to Amy Alexander for providing the data and Dr. Jonathan Morris for the idea behind the algorithm!

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