Export fluoroscopy simulated image data

Using the command mimics.view.export_simulated_fluoroscopy() it is possible to export a simulated fluoroscopy image as a bmp,png,jpg,etc type image file.

Is it possible to export the actual simulated fluoroscopy image data as a binary stream rather than as a formatted image file? The mimics.view.Fluoroscopy class appears to have .image variable but it seems to always have type None.

Thanks, Pete

Hi Pete,

Thanks for reaching out! Hope you are doing well :)

To answer your question, it is not possible to export those images as binary stream. The only formats supported are the following:
“autodetect” just reads the filename added and if it ends with some filetype suffix it takes that one. It expects one of the above mentioned to work though.

The mimics.view.Fluoroscopy.image attribute, accessed via mimics.data.fluoroscopy_views[].image on existing fluoroscopy views, is inherited from the more general mimics.Object class. This class is used in many different Mimics entities as it contains attributes that are common for (most of) them. In general, this .image attributed returns the ImageData class (image stack) to which the Object is linked.

However, the .image attribute inherited from there for Fluoroscopy views will not contain anything as our Reslice Objects are not directly linked to the image stacks (unlike parts or measurements for example), hence the returned “None”-type.

Hope this at least helps you understand what is possible and what the .image attribute is used for.

Please let us know if you have further concerns!

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