Preparation for fluoroscopy (Mimics 22.0)

Using the Mimics API you can control a set of functionalities that are contained in the view module of Mimics. This tutorial shows how to control the visibility of different objects in the project, how to activate/deactivate the 3D Mask preview in the 3D viewport, and how to prepare your project for fluoroscopy simulation.

For this tutorial the Mimics project Heart.mcs from C:\MedData\DemoFiles will be used.

# Tutorial for views
# Open Heart.mcs project
input_dir = r'C:\MedData\DemoFiles\Heart.mcs'
# Show and select the masks
for m in
	if not m.visible:
		m.visible = True
	m.selected = True
# Delete the parts
for p in
# Activate 3D preview
mimics.dialogs.question_box(message="Please inspect the heart segmentation", buttons='OK')
# Create 3D parts
for m in
	p = mimics.segment.calculate_part(mask=m, quality='Optimal') =
	p.visible = True
# Disable 3D preview
# Preparation for fluoroscopy
visualised_objects = []
contrast = 0.7
for p in
	visualised_objects.append((p, contrast))
# Activate fluoroscopy
f = mimics.view.create_fluoroscopy_view_default()
# Activate simulation
sim_quality = "High"
f.simulate(objects_contrast=visualised_objects, quality=sim_quality)