Semi-automatic import of standard images (Mimics 22.0)

The user can automate the import of Bitmap or JPEG images. As input, we assume there is a directory containing all images. The scan resolution in x, y, and z dimensions is required as input to ensure correct dimensions of the volumes and 3D objects. This information is typically provided by the radiologist who performed the scan. Use mimics.file.import_standard_images() with the parameters mentioned above.

# Tutorial for importing standard images
input_dir = r"C:\MedData\DemoFiles\BMP_Leg"
mimics.dialogs.set_predefined_answer(mimics.dialogs.dialog_id.CHANGE_ORIENTATION, "RAB")
mimics.file.import_standard_images(source_folder=input_dir, xy_resolution=1, z_resolution=1, patient_name="MimMat")