How to share scripts

Welcome to our scripting forum! The goal of this forum is to get the most out of 3D medical image processing by sharing Python scripts that make use of the Mimics Innovation Suite API.

To share a script, either start a new topic or reply to an existing one if your script is complementary. There are two options to include a script in your post:

  • Write the script in any IDE, then add 1 indent (4 spaces) and copy-paste the resulting code to your post
  • Upload your script to GitHub and paste the link in your post - the GitHub code will be embedded. Note: make sure you start a new line with the GitHub URL, otherwise the code won’t be embedded.

We don’t want to impose too many rules, but let’s agree on a couple of guidelines:

  • Add a tag referencing the software you used (Mimics and/or 3-matic)
  • Share the software version in the title of the post
  • Share some details about the script: what does it do? What are its inputs? What are its outputs?
  • Try to follow the standard PEP8 Style Guide for Python Code