Question on Accessing Scanner Information From Mimics Project


I am trying to see the voltage and current (KVp and mAs) of the scanner used. All I have is the Mimics file, not the original CT scan DICOM file. I have found the KVp, but can’t find the mAs.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi Stephen,

If the x-ray tube current is present in the DICOM tags, you can retrieve it from mimics.get_dicom_tags(). I personally find it the easiest to use the tag description as input:

tags = mimics.get_dicom_tags()
xray_tube_current = [tags[i].value for i in tags.keys() if tags[i].description == "X-Ray Tube Current"][0]

Note that this tag may not always have a value.

I hope this helps!