Spline to vessel script


This is an improved version of my previous “spline 2 vein” script. This time you stay in mimics and you can:
-Draw a spline and give that spline different diameters at different parts as you are creating it
-Create multiple splines at once
-Adapt the diameter at a specific section after creating the mask

As a result it will give you:
A mask with your vessels
A part with your vessels

When could you use this?
In mayo clinic they use splines when vessels aren’t clear enough for thresholding but when the doctors can still see that it’s a vessel. So what you do is you scroll through the slices and create a spline that represents the vessel and give that spline a diameter. Before however you had to export the spline to trimatic, create sketches and then use the sweep loft tool to give it a thickness. Now everything is done in mimics.

youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srqypjvoDro&feature=youtu.be

script: https://gist.github.com/Pythonsegmenter/0705940ef30bcfd78030121ffd0a25b9

required libraries: math, numpy, time and tkinter