Mask From STL Tool

I’m experimenting with the “Mask from Object” tool in the Segment module, and would like to improve the output from that tool. I’m trying to see if I can segment a known metal shape using a design file. After aligning, I used the “Mask from Object” tool to get the image below. There are several points that are high HU and within the contours of the object (the contour is shown in the image, but it’s a bit hard to see here. One of the voxels in question is indicated by the green and red axes. I’d like for those fairly obvious metal/affected by metal voxels to be included in the mask. I can do that with other tools in Mimics or with my own custom tools, but it seems as if these should have been included in the mask created by “Mask from Object”. Is there anything I can do to improve upon the performance of this tool?

Hello Nathaniel,

The tool “Mask from Object” is intended to calculate a mask with a shape that is as close as possible from the part. It calculates the polylines from the part and then fills the cavity from the polylines.

In that sense the tool is not intended to take the voxels HU values into consideration.



Hello Clément,

After sitting here thinking about different ways that tool could work, having the mask match the geometric polylines by default definitely makes sense. I suppose adding a dilation process and checking for voxels in that new outer shell that should be included in the mask should do to the trick, and is easy enough to script.